Zack Van – Live at KCM

Combining powerful rock riffs with orchestral sagas, while baring his soul with powerfully honest lyrics, Zack Van pulls you on a musical journey that will leave you laughing and crying in the same breath. Creating a one-man orchestra, and inspired from a young age by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Dire Straits, Bon Iver, Pink Floyd, Queen and Rodriguez, his music is a collision of musical exploration turned into musical stories.

After growing up isolated from the world in a religious cult, he broke free in his early twenties and in a single day was disowned by his lifelong friends and family. Alone with only his guitar and songs for company, Zack began searching for answers and truth while rebuilding his new life. Acclimatizing to the “normal” world and bringing his anarchism of societal norms together, song writing became the drug that kept him sane and allowed him to connect with other people.

His music is about showcasing the fragility of mankind while celebrating the unique beauty we can find in our human condition. With the ugliness and beauty of humans colliding, Zack’s music is not about a song, it’s about honest and genuine expression and bringing the listener on a journey that takes them to the heights of a mountain and to the depths of the ocean.

An evening with Zack Van will be full of musical explosions, sub-par dad jokes, dancing and laughing. Welcome!

Recommended donation: 3 €.

The event is finished.


8. 3. 2023.






Kulturni centar Multimedija
Kranjčevićeva ulica 16a, Zagreb


Kulturni centar Multimedija

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