The Bodhisattwa Trio – Live at KCM

Defying genres, conventions and stereotypes, “The Bodhisattwa Trio” is an experimental jazz fusion / avant garde outfit from Kolkata / Delhi (India), which believes in expressionism, social reflection and spontaneous creation. Drawing influences from life, the universe and everything, the trio, with Bodhisattwa Ghosh on guitars, Premjit Dutta on drums and Shonai on keyboards & synth bass, delivers a repertoire of original instrumental compositions with special emphasis on harmonic and rhythmic expansion, theme and variation, virtuosity and spontaneous improvisation.

They are the only musicians from India who have successfully represented their country in the West, without falling back on traditional forms of Indian music and traditional Indian instruments, but rather creating a completely new and unique sound that can only have been created in the Indian diaspora, but meant to be showcased as a fully international and global sound.

They have been active since 2012, and have 3 full length albums under their belt and have toured extensively in Europe and Asia since 2014, the last international tour having taken place in 2022 in Europe, performing 15 concerts across 6 countries, during which period they have recorded their 4th album live in Croatia, in collaboration with critically acclaimed jazz ensemble “Mimika Orchestra” from Zagreb, Croatia. The title of the album is “Frontier”, and it is a one-of-a-kind Indo-Croatian modern jazz collaboration featuring around 20 musicians playing live together to capture the essence of this futuristic science-fiction themed instrumental concept album, which is an amalgamation of jazz, contemporary European classical music blended with influences from Indian traditional music to drum-n-bass and rock.

Preporučena donacija: 5-10 eura.

The event is finished.


6. 7. 2023.






Kulturni centar Multimedija
Kranjčevićeva ulica 16a, Zagreb


Kulturni centar Multimedija

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